Yarn and Needles

Yarn and Needles

All of my bird knitting patterns and knits use double knitting yarn (or DK for short). My favourite brand of DK yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, which is what you’ll find in all my kits. It’s a lovely soft acrylic yarn which is easy to knit with. However, if you’re stash-busting, or wanting to use another brand, any type of DK yarn will work well.

Knitting needles come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The width of the needle is very important, as it will effect the size of your stitches, and the size of your finished item. All of my kits use 4mm knitting needles, and a handful also use 2.75mm needles. 4mm needles are, as the name suggests, 4mm wide!

Knitting needles also come in different lengths - as you’ll be knitting small pieces to make your birds, I’d suggest going for a shorter pair as I find these easier to handle. If you can only find longer 4mm needles, don’t worry, those will work just fine!

I like to use Pony 4mm aluminium needles, which are 25cm long. They are smooth, and easy to work with especially if you’re a beginner. I also like bamboo needles, they have a nice texture in the hand.

When it comes to sewing up your bird, you’ll need a yarn darning needle. These chunky needles have a large hole to thread your knitting yarn through, and make it easier to sew up your finished project. I prefer Pony wool darning needles.

I don’t include needles in my kits as many knitters already own them, but if you’d like to add a pair of Pony knitting needles or darning needles to your project, you can add them at checkout.