How to knit

How to Knit

You may be looking at my bird knitting patterns and thinking, well, I can't knit, this all looks way too complicated for me.

knitted blue tit

The good news is, you will only need to know a handful of basic knitting stitches and techniques to knit any of my bird designs. If you work your way through the guide I've provided here, you'll be knitting in no time!

All of the knitted birds use the following basic stitches and techniques:

Casting on

Casting off

Knit stitch

Purl stitch

Increasing (inc 1)

Decreasing (K2tog)

Some of the knitted bird patterns will require you to know how to change colour mid-way through a row.

Yarn and Needles: find out the best knitting yarn to use for my knitted bird designs, and what sort of knitting needles to kit yourself out with.

Sewing Up, Stuffing and Finishing: some hints and tips on working with stuffing and sewing up your finished pieces for the perfect, plump and cuddly bird!