Knit Stitch

Knit Stitch

The knit stitch is the basic knitting stitch that you'll need to know for all my knitted bird patterns - and most knitting patterns in general!

It's abbreviated in knitting patterns as "k". If your knitting pattern says "k7", that means to make 7 knit stitches, one after the other.

If you knit every row of a project, it's called garter stitch, which looks like this:

knitting garter stitch

You'll find garter stitch in some of my patterns - it's also a great stitch to use if you want to knit a simple scarf (either for yourself or for a knitted bird!) as it is quick and easy, and won't roll up at the edges.

This tutorial video from Love Crafts explains very clearly and slowly how to make the basic knit stitch.